Health Services



  • Examinations for glasses

  • Comprehensive eye health assessment 

  • Management of eye diseases and injuries 

  • Contact lens services:

  • Contact lens assessment only.   Must have a prior Rx and/or contact lens foils. 

  • Contact lens Rx will be released upon evaluation; lenses cannot be purchased at NHCQ. 

  • No new contact lens fits at this time.

  • Glasses: glasses are generally available every 2-4 weeks after ordered.

  • Active duty patients are eligible for:

  • One standard issue frame, clear

  • One frame of choice, clear lenses only

  • One standard issue frame, tinted

  • Gas Mask and ballistic inserts, as required

  • Aviation personnel:

  • Two flight frames, clear

  • Two flight frames, tinted

  • One frame of choice, clear

Active duty and retired military personnel may order military spectacles at the clinic during working hours.

Retirees: One standard issue frame with clear lenses or one pair of half-eyes.
Dependents: Dependents are not eligible for glasses.
Laser Surgery Information: A full eye exam is required to be considered for surgery.
Eligibility: >21, stable Rx >1 year, and 12 months of service remaining.

Warfighter Eye Center at Ft. Belvoir

Warfighter Refractive Eye Surgery Program and Research
Center at Fort Belvoir:

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Residency Program Coordinator

Angelique Bannister PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS
Phone: 703-784-3205

Mailing Address

3259 Catlin Avenue
Quantico, VA 22025-6050
Physical Therapy Department 2nd Deck

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